‘Drawing In’ – Exhibition Opens at Tregony Gallery 14 November

I am delighted to be exhibiting some of my paintings and etchings at Tregony Gallery’s Winter Show. Taking it’s title from the diminishing light as we enter into the Winter months, ‘Drawing In’ is the first exhibition at Tregony Gallery dedicated to the practice of drawing. Introducing newly represented artists Nicky Knowles, Steven Hubbard and Claire Ireland.

Far from being simply the foundation by which artworks are created, the variety of exhibited work forms a rich landscape of technique and sensibility. From diffuse textural palettes of Meg Buick, Nicole Price, Mark Hanson, Dana Finch and Sara Lee Roberts to marked·pressure points and purity of line of Gethin Evans, Daniel Preece, Judi Green, Kay Vinson and Mark Dunford. 

‘Drawing In’ offers a way to see gallery artists at new and revealing depths.

Our Private View is Sunday 12 November 2 – 4pm. The show opens Tuesday 14 November


'Dawn' - Etching - 2015

‘Dawn’ – Etching – 2015



Eve #1

‘Eve 1’ 2014 Oil Paint on Linen Canvas Size 60 x 60cm Framed Size 66 x 66cm


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