tunnels-sketch-ella carty

revisiting old drawings

tunnels-sketch-ella carty

tunnels-sketch-ella carty

Revisiting old drawings: This drawing was one I did of the tunnels at the Coliseum years ago. But the theme of tunnels is a recurrent one in my work. Tunnels symbolise pathways through/dark spaces/retreat. I like the idea of them representing something both known and unknown, comforting but possibly threatening too.These strike me as possible poignant explorations for my work and something of this subject chimes with my own interests. It’s what i want to try to express.

I’d like to use this sketch and others i have made, as a starting point to make a series of work examining pathways to new experiences and dark spaces that we retreat to sometimes along that journey. This will be the theme i’ll use to create a new body of work.

At the moment I like the heading: A World of Possibilities.

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