The Exchange Commission in London is up and finished.

The seven large paintings, each measuring 185cm x 125cm, which I made for the Exchange building in London are up and finished. Each work is inspired by places I have visited in Cornwall and each conveys a sense of something both real and imagined. I wanted to engage a sense of curiosity from the viewer. Some of the paintings are inspired by the rocky pools around Cape Cornwall, some by the strings of Buoys found in local boat sheds around Penryn and some by the sandy seashores of Holywell Bay on the north coast of Cornwall. Hopefully all of the works have a sense of the imaginary and use colour to convey a sense of joy and wonder. 

Here’s a sneaky peak of the seven paintings on display in this big, residential building in the heart of Spitalfields. With huge thanks to Clair Turketo who commissioned the pieces and to Dave Allen, who safely couriered them from Cornwall to London. I was lucky enough to pop by last week and they look absolutely great in position. 

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