‘Wall, Window, World’ Opens 12 September at Tregony Gallery, Cornwall


Group exhibition ‘Wall, Window, World’ beginning on 12 September brings together the quiet intimacy of domesticity with the expressive tangibility of the world outside, with works that employ fine observation and contemplative mark-making. 

I will be showing new work, both paintings and etchings, alongside talented painters Judi Green, Kay Vinson, Sara Lee Roberts, Mark Dunford, Enzo Marra, John Brenton, Alex Cree, Euan McGregor, Jessica Allen, Gregory Ward, Karen McEndoo, and Daniel Preece as well as newly represented artists Nicole Price and Gethin Evans.

Drawing inspiration and materials directly from the natural world sculptors David Burrows and Lilia Umana-Clarke and ceramicists Bridget Macklin and Leonie Stanton engage inner and outer environments in refreshing new dialogue.

Please join us for the Private View from 2 – 5pm on Sunday 10 September at Tregony Gallery, Cornwall  TR2 5RW. I look forward to seeing you there and talking with the other artists about their work.



‘Lacus’ | Acrylic Ink on Canvas



‘Fisherman’ | Etching


Tomatoes‘Tomatoes’ | Etching


interior I cropped

‘Interior #1’ | Etching


‘Butterfly’ | Acrylic Ink on Canvas

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