The Etsy Design Awards 2020

I am over the moon to tell you that i have made it in to the finals of the global Etsy Design Awards 2020. I am thrilled to bits and getting all excited about the opportunities this might bring as well as the judging which happens in a few weeks time.

There are 10 category’s and I’m in the Art Category along with 9 other nominees. My submission is an original acrylic ink painting called ‘Lichen Covered Rocks’ inspired by the beautiful vibrant lichens i see on my coastal walks around west Cornwall. I felt it was really important to choose one of my original paintings, a one off piece, handmade by me as i wanted to bring Etsy’s attention to bespoke, one of a kind artworks, not something that has been mass produced or printed by computer.

I’ve had my Etsy Shop for 7 years and things started very slowly. It’s not easy selling original paintings online and i have come to realise over the years that things don’t always happen over night. It takes time to build a body of work, fine tune your photography, get to grips with things like SEO and marketing and build a following. I’m still not an expert but i have learned a lot over the last 7 years, through friends and colleagues and trial and error. So thank you if you have supported me in any way over the years, it feels like all the hard work is paying off.

If you want to vote for my piece in The Peoples Choice Award, you can do so by favouriting it on my Etsy Shop. I’d really love to win my category but to be honest, it feels like i’ve won just getting nominated. That sounds cheesy but its completely true!

There are some great Etsy shops nominated this year, here are a few of my favourites from my fellow Etsy Shop nominees:

BespokeBinny – African Inspired Lampshades, Pillows, Aprons and more

DesirePfeifferPhoto– Modern Fine art Photography

ToysWithEmotions – Handmade wooden Toys

CharlesEtienneB – Paper Cutout Artwork

KGcuratedspace – Vintage Furniture

Sibodesigns – Bridal Gowns Headpieces & Veils

Nevice – African Inspired fashion

9housePetDesign – Modern Pet Furniture


The winners are announced on 7 October 2020!


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