Small Works Inspired by Landscapes in Cornwall

white circle

white circle

A few of my small canvases that i’ve made in the last few weeks, using  metallic, acrylic inks, layered one over the other to get a translucent effect. It feels a bit like using watercolour, once a mark is down, it’s difficult to obscure. In some of the darker ones, i have built up layers and layers of more intense colour, giving them a much denser feel. I’m going to work on some more this week that combine both the lighter, airier paintings with the darker ones – day meets night if you like.

There’s no doubt that the Cornish landscape is seeping through into my work at the moment. The shapes, textures and colours that i see around me, seem to emerge in these paintings. A visit to some of the sub tropical gardens nearby this weekend, has inspired me too and is also working it’s way onto the canvas. Maybe a move away from the horizonal lines of land and sea, to more dynamic and organic shapes is how these works will progress. We shall see.

All the work pictured here is for sale via my Etsy Shop














estuary at dusk

estuary at dusk











yellow sands

yellow sands













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