Last Week of ‘Nothingness’ Exhibition at Parndon Mill, Harlow.

boat yard at night

boat yard at night

It’s the last week of our group show ‘Nothingness’ at Parndon Mill this week. The show runs until September 14th and includes work by Hideki Arichi, Jo Howe, Alex McIntyre, William White and myself. The Exhibition reflects our individual responses to a broad and fascinating theme which has prompted many different responses, not least by the artists.

I really enjoyed working on this show, it was great to work with other really talented artists and also with the Gallery at Parndon Mill who have been wonderful.

The conversations we have had as a group have been insightful, thought provoking and sometimes challenging. The theme has been very involving for me and has taken me in unexpected directions: exploring previous experiences of existential nothingness, reflecting on a personal journey and creating new work which explores these feelings and brings a kind of closure to them also.

So I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved. I really hope that the last week of the show is a success and that people visiting the Exhibition also take  something from the work on display here.

You can find out more about each individual artist here:

Hideki Arichi

Jo Howe

Alex McIntyre

William White


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