The Poly Print Exhibition, Falmouth

Print Exhibition at The Poly in Falmouth

The Poly Print Exhibition, Falmouth

The Poly Print Exhibition, Falmouth

I really enjoyed being part of the Print makers Exhibition at The Poly in Falmouth last week. There was some amazingly strong work by lots of talented artists who have come through the  John Howard  studio in Penryn. He exhibited some amazing prints himself too. alongside his beautiful landscapes and Rock studies were etchings he had made of his childrens toy boxes after they had left home. Close ups of boxes brimming with miniature toy soldiers and then dinosaurs, all tossed around into a swirl of limbs. Really beautiful and powerful imagery.

Among others exhibiting were Sara Reed, Sarah Seddon, Sally Spens,  Jason Lilley, Nichola Kite, Lesley Heather and Rebecca Haughton as well as my partner William White, whose lastest  prints of the under bellys of boats in the harbour at Falmouth were amazing too. As a beginner myself, it was a great experience to be exhibiting alongside such talents. Thank you to John for organising it!

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